• Flur Bakery Downtown Riverside, IL

About Flùr Bakery

The name “Flùr” is a homonym, and has the double meaning of “flour” and “flower” in Scottish Gaelic. We chose it for its simplicity and uniqueness, as well as its meaning as it relates to pastry and something beautiful, since these characteristics transpose directly to our high-quality desserts and pastries. Even the most complex pastries are rooted in the simplicity of quality, basic ingredients; but in the hands of an artisan, this seemingly simple foundation can lead to something truly unique and beautiful, and most importantly, delicious.

Our “Flavor First” Philosophy

We take pride in the fact that all of our products are gluten free, yet taste so good, you’d never know it. Typically, due to uninspired mass-produced products, the label of “gluten-free” has taken on a stigma as being tasteless, chalky, dry, heavy, or just plain tasting bad. We assure you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Flùr, we have not only developed gluten-free products, we adhere to a “flavor first” philosophy to ensure that all of our products taste incredible. We have spent over two years perfecting our own proprietary blends of various gluten-free flour options related directly to not just the individual product, but to the specific variety of that product, so that we can ensure an amazing taste, texture, and overall quality that is practically unrecognizable from traditional “gluten” products.

Please read Our Story to learn why we have such a passion for providing these delicious treats, and why we are able to do it so well.